Director Teodor Kuhn

Production year 2012

Length 30min.

Country Slovakia


Momo, a young footballer, lives with his mother in the poorer neighbourhoods of Bratislava. His father has been gone for a few years and in the meantime his mother has found herself a new man. Momo doesn't get along with his stepfather as he considers him weak and average. Everything changes when Franke, his uncle and an acquaintance of his father’s, arrives. Franke is an authoritative figure; in Momo´s eyes he is all that he himself would like to be. They start spending more time together while Momo´s relationships at home are getting worse. Franke suddenly reveals that his father is returning soon and he will solve everything. But when the father returns, everything is different than expected.


Best Script, Best Editing | Student Film Festival Áčko, Slovakia, 2012

Best Student Short Film | Rome Independent FF, Italy, 2013


Teodor Kuhn
Teodor Kuhn



Jakub Viktorin


Teodor Kuhn

Director of Photography

Denisa Buranova

Production designer

Michal Losonsky

Music by

Andrej Seban, Oskar Rozsa


Miro Gazi


Brano Gotthardt


Michal Cvečko, Gregor Hološka, Ela Lehotská, Ľubomír Burgr, Attila Mokos, Miro Málek

Production company(ies)

The Academy of Performing Arts

Teodor Kuhn

Born 1988, Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2007, Kuhn attended the Faculty of Film and Television at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava where he studied in the Department of Film and TV Directing. His picture The Lost Children won the Best Cinematography and Best Fiction Film Awards at Festival Áčko (National Slovak Student Film Competition) and American scriptwriting prize Grand Prix Celtix Seeds 2.


Day (2006), Last Minute (2007), The Guard (2008), Zem je guľatá (2009), Skateboard 7 (2009), Three Weeks of Freedom (2010), The Lost Children (2011), Bodhisattva in the Petržalka (2011), Momo (2012).

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