March! March With Your Left!
March! March With Your Left!

March! March With Your Left!

Director Evgeniya Montaña Ibañes

Production year 2012

Length 71min.

Country Russia


This film is about one of the most controversial and ambitious leaders of the Russian political opposition, Sergei Udaltsov, and the protest movement, Left Front. The story develops in Moscow in 2012, before and after the election for president of Russia. Over the past year, Sergei Udaltsov spent more than 2 months under arrest. Several times in prison he declared a total hunger strikes in protest against the illegal detention and was hospitalized due to a strong deterioration of health. His grandfather was a prominent revolutionary and a first principal of the Moscow State University and the Moscow State Institute.


Laurel Branch, Best Debute | National Awards, Russia, 2012

Special Jury Award | ARTDOCFEST, Russia, 2012


Evgeniya Montaña Ibañes
Evgeniya Montaña Ibañes



Evgeniya Montaña Ibañes


Natalia Montaña Ibañes

Director of Photography

Gene Dubin, Tatiana Fedorova


Daniil Malaschenko


Evgeniya Montaña Ibañes

Evgeniya Montaña Ibañes

Ibañes, born in Moscow, is a Sports Master in alpinism and a Sports Master expectant in Athletics. Ibañes graduated from the Department of Directing, Pageants and Ceremonies of State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of Russia in 2007 with excellence. She directed sport events in Luzhniki, Dinamo, Krylatski, Ulyanovsk, etc. She is currently studying at VKIG, Department of Documentaries, Filmmaking.


Middle Distance (2009, short,), Army Dreams (2010, short,), Named Nicole (2011. short), March, March with Your Left! (2012, doc.).

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