Director Ara Tchagharyan

Production year 2013

Length 19min.

Country Armenia


Relatives and friends diminutively call her ‘Lyalik’.  Lyalik, Haykuhi Amyan, used to be an architect when one day, close to 40 years of age, she unexpectedly left her profession and started making dolls. Why?
She loved dolls dearly though was yet to find her favorite one. If you are to ask her, this is the simple explanation you will hear. Haykuhi coexists with the dolls in her apartment in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. For over 10 years she has turned her house into a unique doll museum. Each doll created by Haykuhi has its individual features and story; one is lonely and sad, another has a family and is proudly seated on the sofa with its ‘spouse’ and ‘kids.’ Another  wishes to create a family and is waiting, looking forward for Lyalik to create her beloved. All these dolls, despite being obedient or insolent, free-spirited or conservative, selfish or altruistic, are Lyalik’s family members. The doll maker, Haykuhi, is disgruntled if one asks whether she will sell a doll; “How come? Why should I sell?” is her heated answer. Her reply makes one realize it is as though one were to sell their relatives: the sister, the brother or the child. Her door is open to anyone: “Let them come and see and marvel in my dolls” but not more.  Generous and gregarious Haykuhi may offer you whatever you ask, but not the dolls.  


Ara Tchagharyan
Ara Tchagharyan



Ara Tchagharyan, Gurgen Janibekyan


Ara Tchagharyan

Director of Photography

Gurgen Janibekyan

Music by

Bobby McFerrin


Hayk Israelyan


Ara Tchagharyan

Ara Tchagharyan

Born 1979, Yerevan Armenia. In 2000 Tchagharyan graduated from the Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute named after Kh. Abovyan, in the Department of Feature Film Directing. He has worked in various studios and TV companies.


National Costume (2007, doc., TV), The Country for Loving Particularly (2008, doc., TV), Bells of Awakening (2009, doc., TV), Voice of Church (2009, doc., TV), Lyalik (2013, doc.).

FILMS 2013