Journey To Ararat
Journey To Ararat

Journey To Ararat

Director Riho Västrik

Production year 2011

Length 68min.

Country Estonia


Journey to Ararat is a documentary road movie focused on the strong ties between Mount Ararat and Estonia. As the first westerner, Baltic-German, Friedrich Parrot (1791-1841), born in Estonia, climbed the peak of Ararat (5137 m) together with five companions in 1829. Västrik and science historian, Erki Tammiksaar, search for the traces of Parrot in Armenia and Turkey and climb to the peak of Ararat exactly 180 years later.  The film is divided into two parts – the first about the cultural voyage in Armenia, the second about the mountain conquest in Turkey.



Riho Västrik
Riho Västrik



Riho Västrik


Riho Västrik

Director of Photography

Joosep Matjus, Riho Västrik

Music by

Sven Grünberg


Ekke Västrik


Liina Trishkina

Production company(ies)

OÜ Vesilind

Riho Västrik

Born 1965, Tartu, Estonia. Västrik graduated from Tartu University in history and journalism then obtained a Masters in Film Arts from the Baltic Film and Media School. His major interest in mountaineering was the first reason that pushed him to make documentaries; he yearned recording the beauty of mountains and human sufferings. Since 2003, Västrik has been attracted to Siberia and Far North. He has directed and produced films about Taimyr Peninsula, Sami reindeer herders and musk oxen. Västrik is an associate professor in Baltic Film and Media School.


Snow Leopard (1999), The Chieftain(2004, short), In the Footsteps of Middendorff (2006), Otepää Gonne (2008, short), Saint George (2009, short), Lake and the City (2010, short), Crests and Troughs: the Life of a Coastal Fisherman (2011), Journey to Ararat (2011), Man with High Hat (2012), Burden of a Fire (2013).

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