Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Armenian Coat
Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Armenian Coat

Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Armenian Coat

Director Patrick Cazals

Production year 2012

Length 50min.

Country France


Shot on location (Montmorency, Môtiers-Travers) where Rousseau wrote his major texts and faced rejection and exile (1760-1770), in the form of filmed chronicle, the film recalls these painful episodes and tries to better understand the often touchy and distant character of the writer. Composed with overlooked musical short pieces, engravings, portraits and extracts of works, the film is an original contribution for the Rousseau tercentenary birthday in 2012.



Patrick Cazals
Patrick Cazals



Claudine Arnould-Cazals


Patrick Cazals

Director of Photography

Jacques Malnou

Music by

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Thibault Arnold


Eric Beaufils


Raymond Trousson, Yolande Crowe, Angèle Kapoïan, Roland Kaehr, Frederic S. Eigeldinger

Production company(ies)

Les Films du Horla

Patrick Cazals

Cazals studied philosophy and film at Sorbonne. In 1987 he founded his own company: Les Films du Horla. From 1987 to 1995, he contributed to Liberation and Cahiers du Cinema and from 1989-2004 he worked as a radio producer to France Culture. Cazals assisted Claude Miller in The Accompanist (1992) and Otar Iosseliani on his Arte projects. He wrote five books and as a filmmaker and producer he has created fifty documentaries and portraits since 1976.


Sergei Paradjanov, a Portrait (1988), Doisneau in Towns, Doisneau in Fields (1993), Bohumil Hrabal (1995), Amrita Sher-Gil, an Indian Rhapsody (2002), Sartre and de Beauvoir Tribulations to Caucasus (2003), Sergei Paradjanov, the Rebel (2005) Arthur Rimbaud, Cyprus Poste Restante (2006), Rouben Mamoulian, the Golden Age of Broadway and Hollywood (2007), Hurricane Kalatozov (2010), The Armenian Coat of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (2012), Musidora, the Tenth Muse (2013).

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