It’s Springtime
It’s Springtime

It’s Springtime

Director Marc di Domenico

Production year 2012

Length 75min.

Country France


It is the springtime is a one-year fresco, like an album. It is about transmit sensations and pictures at the heart of a family. Anarchist idealist, misogynist philosopher, caricature director, teen, adults, children, all these characters are in life. Learning, introspection, understanding and life decoding. It is history, politics, religion, art, everything is a pretext to talk, to exchange. These intercultural or intergenerational discussions are an opportunity to foresee existential thoughts that thread these characters.



Marc di Domenico
Marc di Domenico



Pauline Fourcade


Marc di Domenico

Director of Photography

Fabien Chauvier, Daniel Everett Patrick


Frank Woodbridge


Erick Deshors, Jacques Ehrhart, Agnes Jerlin, Misha Aznavour, Pierre-Henri Gibert, Lou-Rebecca Di Domenico, Emma di Domenico

Production company(ies)

Artisan Producteur

Marc di Domenico

Born 1963, Toulouse, France. In 1985, Marc di Domenico took theatre classes with Karin Viard. He also played in a band named Pepe el Moko that pays tribute to cinema. He became manager of the band; this was his first step in the music scene. He then created a music record company. Talented music producer, his career never damaged his passion for the cinema. The budding movie director was a high boiling mind.


Lettre à M. Fedoroff (2012, short), Les quatre saisons de Claude (2012, doc.), C’est le printemps (2012), Young Couples (2013).

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