Ida Is Here
Ida Is Here

Ida Is Here

Director Emil Mkrttchian

Production year 2013

Length 20min.

Country Sweden


In her mind Ida is dying. She feels that darkness is taking hold of her and that hope is beyond her reach. But there are other forces that want to show her the light. What she chooses is a vital decision. On the island of Gotland in Sweden, Ida struggles with her doubts. This is a film about a disgusting game that Ida must win to survive.



Emil Mkrttchian
Emil Mkrttchian



Emil Mkrttchian


Emil Mkrttchian

Director of Photography

Gabriel Mkrttchian

Production designer

Liv Ask

Music by

Komitas, Aram Khachaturian


Lo Pettersson, Calle Buddee Roos


Emil Mkrttchian, Thomas Holéwa

Production company(ies)

Apricot Stone

Emil Mkrttchian

Born 1985, Charentsavan, Armenia. Born in Armenia,Mkrttchian grew up in Dalarna and currently resides in Stockholm. His education includes studies and courses at Stockholm Film School (2004 – 05), Fridhems Film School (2005 – 06), Film Studies - University (2004), Criminology - University (2005) and Manuspiloterna – ‘How to write a screenplay’ (2008 – 09).


Hello Torsten (2005), Husseins Suburb (2007), Like John Holmes (2008), The man, the dick & the face (2009), The Spaceship (2010), Ida is here (2013).

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