House with a Turret
House with a Turret

House with a Turret

Director Eva Neymann

Production year 2011

Length 78min.

Country Ukraine


House with a Turret is a tragic story of an 8-year-old boy who was returning with his mother to their hometown from evacuation, in the winter of 1944. Halfway home, they are removed from a train in an unknown station, as the boy's mother falls ill with typhus. She is brought to the hospital, where she dies soon after. The child is left alone with his grief, among strangers who, if truth be told, have no care for him. He has to grow up in one day, assuring himself that everything will be fine. Having trusted the strangers, he continues his way home to his only close person - his grandfather. From the train window, the boy for the last time sees the station, which name he will never know; the only thing he remembers about the place where his mother will stay forever is that an old house with a turret stands in the station square.


Grand Prix program EurAsia and Award for Best Cinematography | Dark Nights FF, Tallinn, Estonia, 2012


Eva Neymann
Eva Neymann



Alexander Tkachenko


Eva Neymann

Director of Photography

Rimvydas Leipus

Production designer

Gennady Popov

Music by

Erik Satie


Alexander Schepotin


Pavel Zalesov


Natalia Yavorskaya, Zinaida Mamontova

Production company(ies)

«1+1 Production»

Eva Neymann

Born 1974, Zaporozhye, Ukraine. At the river, a film by Eva Neymann, a graduate of the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin was shown on the Moscow IFF and became the first Ukrainian film presented on the festival after 1991, the year Ukraine got independence. On the IFF in Lagov (Poland) it gained the 2d place. The film Gods' Ways gained First Steps Award 2007 in Germany.


Chrysanthemums in a Yellow (1998, short), The Chronicle of Farewell (2000, short), Freeze, Thaw out (2001, short), Just Like Old Times (2004 , doc.), See the Sea (2005 , doc.), Gods' Ways (2006 , doc.), At the River (2007), House with a Turret (2011).

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