Dzukija’s Bull
Dzukija’s Bull

Dzukija’s Bull

Director Linas Mikuta

Production year 2013

Length 57min.

Country Lithuania


It is an another world that is far away from city noise and so called “modern culture”. A world that was created by God, not by human beings. Jonas, nicknamed the “Bull” by the villagers because of his unbelievable strength, walks through his life unrushed and certain. He reminds today’s men of their fragility. He reveals the perception that life and death, joy and sadness, power and weakness inseparably coexist together.



Linas Mikuta
Linas Mikuta



Domante Urmonaite, Jurga Gluskiniene


Linas Mikuta

Director of Photography

Kristina Sereikaite

Music by

Erik K. Skodvin


Lina Semaskaite


Linas Mikuta, Kristina Sereikaite

Production company(ies)

Monoklis Naugarduko 34, LT- 03228 Vilnius, Lithuania

Linas Mikuta

Born 1980, Klaipeda, Lithuania. Mikuta graduated in theatre direction from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2003. From 2005 to 2008 he worked as an assistant and associate director at the Lithuanian Opera and Ballet Theatre, Tel-Aviv Opera and Frankfurt Opera. In addition, he directed an independent project in collaboration with the Vilnius Philharmonia. In 2009 Mikuta began working in cinema and developed the screenplay Blindness for the scenario contest organized by Skalvija cinema centre in Vilnius. This screenplay was awarded as the best scenario and took the first prize. In 2010 Mikuta directed the short film Failed Scenario which was shown in many festivals in Lithuania and abroad.


Failed Scenario (2010, short), Dzukija’s Bull (2013, doc.).

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