All Together Now
All Together Now

All Together Now

Director Alexander Mirecki

Production year 2012

Length 82min.

Country USA


Alexander Mirecki's ambitious "concert in the woods" movie finds two dozen characters--some more dazed and confused than others--descending on a treelined shack for one night of revelry scored by four bands: Manicorn, Night Control, Pedestrian Deposit and Nice Face. Lou Taylor Pucci plays the concert promoter with the unenviable task of maintaining a semblance of order amidst the hook-ups and bustups (featuring the very same participants). The forest has always factored heavily in fairytales. And by the time the last distorted note fades out, this party has become the stuff of urban legend.



Alexander Mirecki
Alexander Mirecki



Leah Fong, Michael Younesi


Alexander Mirecki, Ryan Kasmiskie

Director of Photography

Zoran Popovic

Production designer

Zach Bangma


Sebastian Visconti


Gal Muggia


Lou Taylor Pucci, James Duval, Stella Maeve, Nora Kirkpatrick, Morgan Krantz

Production company(ies)

Forest Night Film

Alexander Mirecki

Alexander Mirecki was born in New YorkCity to a Jewish mother and Armenian father. He was raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and in 2005, moved to Los Angeles to attend film school at the University of Southern California. He began working on the screenplay for All Together Now while still in college and later teamed up with fellow alum, Ryan Kasmiskie. In 2012, he won the LA Weekly Theater Award for his experimental video work in the Ensemble Studio Theater production of Gregory Moss’ House of Gold. Alexander’s recent work is a trilogy of short films entitled Bedlam.


Trembling Gaze Unmoving (2008, short), Youth Bursts Wildly (2009, short), All Together Now (2012), Bedlam (2013, short).

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