About Ndugu
About Ndugu

About Ndugu

Director David Muñoz

Production year 2013

Length 16min.

Country Spain


Ndugu receives a letter from his new foster father in America, Mr. Schmidt, who just lost his wife. Ndugu will search for a new wife for him.


Special Mention of the Jury | Vienna Independent Shorts, Austria, 2013


David Muñoz
David Muñoz



David Muñoz


David Muñoz

Director of Photography

David Muñoz

Production designer

David Muñoz


Beltran Rengifo


David Muñoz,Alicia Medina


Daniel Itumo

Production company(ies)


David Muñoz

Born 1968, Málaga, Spain. Muñoz is the founder and director of the film production company, Hibrida, based in Spain. He writes, directs and produces documentary and fiction films and has won more than 100 awards in international film festivals. He is the winner of the Goya Award to best short documentary given by the Spanish Film Academy for Flowers of Rwanda and also the winner of the Helenic Audience Award at Thessaloniki International Documentary FF. His film, The Infinite Jest, won a Jury Award for best short documentary in Aljazeera International Documentary FF. His film on Arab Spring, Another Night on Earth, won the FIPRESCI Award at DOK Leipzig and other prizes. His last short fiction film, About Ndugu, had its world premiere at the Berlin IFF.


Human Development (2007, short), Flowers of Rwanda (2008, short), Three Sad Tigers (2010, short), The Infinite Jest (2011, short), Another Night On Earth (2012, short), About Ndugu (2013, short).

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