A Chest
A Chest

A Chest

Director Sabina Sagadeeva

Production year 2012

Length 15min.

Country Uzbekistan


Aisha, who has been left without parents, lives with her grandmother. Grandma Habiba is 70 years old and does the best for her granddaughter. Though, she's afraid of her age because she worries of the future of her granddaughter. Therefore, she decides to give her granddaughter to another childless family. Different families without children start coming to Habiba's house. 
Aisha has always been excited about the box/chest that is in her house; the content of the chest seems mysterious to her. Assuming that the chest was for her dowry, she tried to look into it. One day, Aisha heard a conversation between her grandma and their neighbor and realized that the box is meant for her grandma's funeral.



Sabina Sagadeeva
Sabina Sagadeeva



Burkhon Akhmedjanov


Madina Yuldasheva

Director of Photography

Jakhongir Ibragimov

Production designer

Qudratilla Dadajonov

Music by

Toir Kuziev


Bakhtiyer Turakhanov


Toir Kuziev


Nigina Olimova, Dilbar Ikramova

Production company(ies)

Forum TV

Sabina Sagadeeva

Born 1989, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In 2011, Sagadeevagraduated from the State Institute of Arts, Department of Drama Direction. Since 2009 she has worked in the TV studio "Kelajak Ovozi" on channel NTT, and since 2011 as a journalist on Channel Forum-TV. She is the author and host of several cultural programs.


What I have ... (2011), A Chest (2012, short).

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