Without Gorky
Without Gorky

Without Gorky

Director Cosima Spender

Production year 2011

Length 80min.

Country UK


Personal film on Arshile Gorky (American-Armenian painter with seminal influence on Abstract Expressionism), whose violent suicide in 1948 left fraught dynamics in the family. Both ‘art film’ and ‘family history’.



Cosima Spender
Cosima Spender



Cosima Spender, Valerio Bonelli


Cosima Spender, Valerio Bonelli, Saskia Spender

Director of Photography

Benjamin Kracun, Ula Pontikos

Music by

Jason Cooper, Oloiver Kraus, Matteo Cipollina


Oliver Tarney, Simon Chase, Dillon Bennett


Valerio Bonelli


Agnes ‘Mougouch’ Gorky, Maro Gorky, Natasha Gorky, Matthew Spender

Production company(ies)

Peacock Pictures Ltd

Cosima Spender

Born 1972, Italy. Born and grown up in Italy in an English artists’ family she moved to England at 14. A university degree in anthropology and art history at the School of Oriental and African Studies and UCL (University of London, 1995-1997) cultivated her interest in local identity and ethnic traditions, whether in Africa, Asia or Europe. Still photography and travelling sparked off a passion that led to the post-graduate documentary directing course at the National Film and Television School in England (1998-2001). Since leaving film school she has travelled around the world as a camera/director.


Life and Death on Exmoor (2001), The Importance of Being Elegant (2004), Dolce Vita Africana (2007), Without Gorky (2011).

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