When We Die At Night
When We Die At Night

When We Die At Night

Director Eduardo Morotó

Production year 2011

Length 20min.

Country Brazil


Raúl meets the liveliest girl he’s ever seen.


Audience Prize | International Short FF of Minneasota - St. Paul, USA, 2011

udience Award, Honorable Mention of de Jury of Young | International Short FF of Rio de Janeiro, Bazil, 2011

Official Jury Honorable Mention | Festival de cinema Luso Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira, Bazil, 2011

Best Short Film | Tiradentes FF, Bazil, 2012


Eduardo Morotó
Eduardo Morotó



Isabela Reis


Eduardo Morotó

Director of Photography

Marcelo Martins Santiago

Music by

Pedro Gracindo, Victor Lourenço


Sidney Arruda, Carol Carvalho, Julio Martí


Eduardo Morotó


Roney Villela, Thaís Loureiro, Junior Vieira

Production company(ies)

Production Company Cavideo

Eduardo Morotó

Born 1983, Caruaru, Brazil. In 2006 he was selected by the project called Revealing the Brazilians of Ministry of Culture, where he made a video. The following year, he began studying cinema. At the end of the course he made Blue Exile which won many prizes. In 2010, he was one of the participants of the script workshop, an initiative of the Brazilian University FF. At this workshop his script was selected for a new production.


Blue Exile (2010), I Should Have Never Returned (2011), When We Die at Night (2011).

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