Director Alexander Kuprin

Production year 2011

Length 56min.

Country Russia


“Death came too close, it took my friend. It let me stay. Thus began the year. The strangest year in my life. I realized I was losing everything and could not get how. The last year of the Millenium. The first year of life left for me for some reasons.”



Alexander Kuprin
Alexander Kuprin



Mayram Yusupova


Alexander Kuprin

Director of Photography

Irina Uralskaya

Music by

V. Kreimer


V. Kreimer


Yuri Geddert

Production company(ies)

August Studio

Alexander Kuprin

Born 1962, Moscow, Russia. Director and TV journalist. Graduated from the Moscow State University (1985) and the USSR Television State Committee Higher Courses for Directors (1988). In 1993 he was the General Director at the Agitation and Analytics Centere of the First President of Russia. Worked for VID TV Company (1995-2000), Otchiy Dom (2001-05), Drugoye Niebo Production Companies (2006), NTV (2007), August Production Company (2008-10) and Sky Production (2010-11). In 1996 was awarded as the Best Director of VID TV Company. Among his awards are: Award for the Personal Contribution to the Development of Feature Film at Novosibirsk FF. Grand Prix and Best Director awards in several IFFs for his SkyEarth (2008-10).


Dance for All Night Long (1984), Conscience Week (1989), 20 Years Later (1990), Moscow – Islamabad (1991), Nightmare of the Last Lane (1993), Afghan Way Marathon (1995), Dreams about the War (1996), Chernobyl - 10 (1996), Testament of the 20-th Century (1997), Joseph and Nadezhda (1998), Message by Russia (2000), Russian Mummy (2003), Father Mikhey’s Cosmos (2004), Evening Prayer (2006), Hard 90-ies (2007), Lesson (2008), SkyEarth (2008), The Saints (2011), Triumph (2011).

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