The Spirit of the Beehive
The Spirit of the Beehive

The Spirit of the Beehive

Director Victor Erice

Production year 1973

Length 97min.

Country Spain


The film was Erice’s fլոture debut and is considered a masterpiece of Spanish cinema. Made during the last yars of Franco’s dictatorship, and set in 1940, the film subtly criticises post-civil war Spain. The film focuses on the young girl Ana and her fascination with the 1931 American horror film Frankenstein, it also looks at her family life and schooling.


Golden Seashell | San Sebastián IFF, Spain, 1973

Silver Hugo | Chicago IFF, USA, 1973

Best Film, Best Actor (Fernando Fernán Gomez), Best Director | Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain, 1974

Best Spanish Movie Performer (Ana Torrent) | Fotogramas de Plata, Madrid, Spain, 1974

Best Actress (Ana Torrent), Best Director | Association of Latin Entertainment Critics, , 1977


Victor Erice
Victor Erice



Elías Querejeta


Víctor Erice, Ángel Fernandez Santos, Francisco J. Querejeta

Director of Photography

Luis Cuadrado

Music by

Luis de Pablo


Pablo González del Amo


Fernando Fernan Gómez, Teresa Gimpera, Ana Torrent, Isabel Telleria

Production company(ies)

Elías Querejeta Producciones Cinematográficas S.L. Jacel Desposito

Victor Erice

Born 1940, Karrantza, Biscay, Pais Vasco, Spain. Víctor Erice is one of the most prominent and original directors of world cinema. Moving to Madrid, at te age of 17, he graduated from the Official Film School (EOC), specializing in Film Directing. For a while he worked as a screenwriter; then he directed advertising films. In 1969 he made his debut as a professional director filming one of the three episodes in a movie called Challenges. In 1973 he shot his first feature film, The Spirit of the Beehive, winner of the First prize at the IFF of San Sebastian, and remarkably well received by audiences and critics. 1992 was the year of Quince Tree of the Sun, in collaboration with artist Antonio López, presented at Cannes IFF, where it won the Jury Prize and the International Critic Prize (FIPRESCI). In 2002 he contributed with his sketch Lifeline to the collective movie Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet, participated by a number of well known international filmmakers. In 2005, answering the request of Barcelona’s Centre de Cultura Contemporànea, and within the context of the Exhibition Erice-Kiarostami: Correspondence, he started filming in video a series of short movies called Letters to Abbas Kiarostami (Sea-Mail). For the same occasion, in 2006, he wrote and directed La Morte Rouge, evoking a post-war child’s first experience as a film spectator. At the same time he presented an installation based on various paintings by Antonio López, named Fragor del mundo, silencio de la pintura. The retrospective of his films took place at the Pesaro IFF (Italy), in 2005. In 2010 Victor Erice was a member of Cannes FF International Jury. Currently he participates, together with directors Manoel de Oliveira, Pedro Costa and Aki Kaurismaki - in an omnibus film in Portugal.


On the Terrace (1961, short), Páginas de un diario perdido (1962, short), Los días perdidas (1963, short), Entrevías (1966, short), Challenges (1969, segment), The Spirit of the Beehive (1973), The South (1983), Apuntes 1990-2003 (1990-2003), The Quince Tree Sun (1992), Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet (segment “Lifeline”, 2002), Letters to Abbas Kiarostami (Sea- Mail, 2006), La Morte Rouge (2006), 3.11 Sense of Home (segment “Ana Three Minutes”, 2011).

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