The Seventh
The Seventh

The Seventh

Director Luska Khalapyan

Production year 2011

Length 10min.

Country France


Arriving in Paris from a small town of Italy, Maria is due to meet Emilio to give him a package sent by his aunt. As part of a matchmaking scheme, Emilio’s aunt has sent homemade cookies with Maria to create a pretext for their meeting. However, things go differently than planned, when Maria arrives at the wrong restaurant for her rendezvous and meets Silvio, instead.



Luska Khalapyan
Luska Khalapyan



Luska Khalapyan

Director of Photography

Francesco Crivaro


Eliott Hemery, Henri Le Boursicaud


Enrico Alexander Giordano


Emine Meyrem, Enrico Nocera, Joana Cartocci, Adrien Comelli, Fred Bifolchetti

Production company(ies)


Luska Khalapyan

Born 1987, Yerevan, Armenia. Luska Khalapyan is a painter, film director and photographer currently based in Paris, France. She left Armenia for the United States when she was 14 and studied cinema and theatre at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Later, she moved to Paris, France where she is currently finishing the International School of Paris in directing. Apart from several experimental and stop motion animation films, Il Settimo is her second short fiction. She has had two solo exhibitions of paintings in Yerevan and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and is preparing for her third exhibition in Paris.


The Whispering Souvenir (2008), Trasera (2009), Le Grand Amour (2009), Baby, I’m Free (2010), Il Settimo (2011).

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