The Master and the Servant
The Master and the Servant

The Master and the Servant

Director Dmitry Kesayants

Production year 1962

Length 22min.

Country Armenia


A witty servant manages to outwit his stingy master and punish him.



Dmitry Kesayants
Dmitry Kesayants



Ervand Manaryan

Director of Photography

Karen Gevorgyan

Music by

Grigor Hakhinyan


Zanik Muradbekyan


Ruzanna Yeranyan


Tadevos Saryan, Mher Mkrtchyan, Sos Sargsyan, Meline Hamamjyan, Armen Khostikyan

Production company(ies)

Hayfilm Studio

Dmitry Kesayants

1931, Yerevan – 2001, Yerevan. Worked in a farm (1945-49). In 1950 he graduated from the Yerevan Pedagogical College, worked as an actor at the Theatre for Young Audience. In 1963 graduated from the Directing Department of All-Soviet State Institute of Cinema (VGIK), Grigory Kozintsev's master class. Since 1963 worked for Hayfilm Studio.


The Master and the Servant (1962), The Yerevan Nuclear Center (1964), Avdo's Car (1966), Good Morning (1967), My Native Town (1968), Confession in Love (1969), King Chakh-Chakh (1969), A Shot on the Border (1970), Song of Eternity (1972), A Man from “Olympus” (1974), Inspiration (1975), The Soldier and the Elephant (1977), The March of Our Forefathers (1980), The Fire (1983), The Expected Rider (1984), Illusion (1987), The Damned (1991), Disaster (1993), Victory Day (1995).

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