The First Cut
The First Cut

The First Cut

Director Tallulah H. Schwab

Production year 2011

Length 10min.

Country The Netherlands


A film centred around a decisive moment in the life and career of a young female surgeon. The operating room is ready. Lamps are switched on. The patient’s belly has been shaved and is lying ready to be operated. The surgeon hesitates; knife suspended over the patient’s skin. This moment brings back crucial events from the surgeon’s childhood which explain her career choice and reluctance to cut into the patients skin.


Tallulah H. Schwab
Tallulah H. Schwab



Dave Schram, Maria Peters, Hans Pos


Cecilie Levy

Director of Photography

Menno Westendorp

Production designer

Jan Rutgers

Music by

Fons Merkies


Peter Flamman


Job ter Burg


Nuria Tabac, Devika Strooker, Yoka Verbeek

Production company(ies)

Shooting Star Filmcompany

Tallulah H. Schwab

Born 1973, Oslo, Norway. Coming from family of film and theatre people she virtually grew up within the walls of the theatre. She soon started making her own short films and theatre productions and as a result she was accepted as a student at the film-academy in Amsterdam at a young age. She moved to Holland and in 1996 she graduated as a film editor and writer/director of fiction film. Still at school she was awarded the Filmnet Scenario Award for her short film “Poppycock”. Tallulah made a number of short films and music videos as well as a few commercials before deciding to go back to her roots and pursue theatre directing. She was accepted as a director student at the theatre-school in Amsterdam. During her four-year study, she directed many theatre productions, but also always kept on filming. In 2008 she co-founded the theatre group tgDacota.


The Man in the Cupboard (2003), The Driving Test (2005), One Night Stand (2006), The First Cut (2011).

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