The Day of Truth
The Day of Truth

The Day of Truth

Director Jasur Iskhakov

Production year 2011

Length 86min.

Country Uzbekistan


That long day turned out to be crucial in life of a young entrepreneur Munisa Suleymanova. On the border point when the question of her life was being solved she was returned to the memories of past days of her life – light and tragic, joiful birth of children, loss of her close people, struggle with life obstacles. Everything ran on that day which one may call the day of truth.



Jasur Iskhakov
Jasur Iskhakov



Jasur Iskhakov, Mastura Iskhakova

Director of Photography

Talat Mansurov

Production designer

Firuza Zakirova

Music by

Bakhodir Zakirov


Khusan Yusupov


Rano Shodieva, Lola Eltaeva, Khoshim Arslanov, Mekhriddin Rakhmatov, Fakhriddin Shamsimatov

Production company(ies)


Jasur Iskhakov

Born 1947, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Scriptwriter, playwright, film director. Laureate of State Prize of Uzbekistan. Graduated from Tashkent Ostrovsky Theatre and Arts Institute, the Higher Film Directors’ Courses under Goskino of the USSR. A number of animation and feauture films have been made based on J. Iskhakov's scripts. His is the author and film director of over thirty documentary films. The author of theatrical plays staged in Tashkent theatres. The author of more than twenty short stories.Contributes to a number of magazines. The author of several song lyrics. Works in the field of social and commercial advertising.


The Clear Springs (1977), In the Rapids of the Turbulent River ( TV series, 2 ep., 1981), Farewell the Green of Summer!.. (1985), You Are Go for Take-off (The Fate), (Shock, TV series, 2 ep., Co-dir.: E. Ishmukhamedov, 1985), With Love and Pain (1987, TV series, 4 ep., Co-dir.: E. Ishmukhamedov and O. Agishev), I Wish You to Stay..! (1992), The Sultanate of the Evil (1994, doc.), A Curse of the Golden Horse (TV series, 4 ep., 1998), Take-off Is Authorized (Destiny) (1999), Samarkand Is 2750 Years Old (2004, doc.), True Men’s Hunting (2005), The Samarkand Paper (2006, doc.), Adventures in the Country of Chatrang (2009), Restorers (2009, doc.), The Children of the War (2010), Day of Truth (2011).

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