The Clay Diaries
The Clay Diaries

The Clay Diaries

Director Isaki Lacuesta

Production year 2011

Length 60min.

Country Spain / Switzerland


For over twenty years the painter Miquel Barcelo has spent long periods in Africa. There he learned to paint amidst termites and scorpions, before the heat dried the paint and the wind blew away his canvases. At the top of the Bandiagara cliff, Barcelo and the choreographer Josef Nadj put on the performance ''Paso Doble'' and for the first time he reveals the secrets of his African studio.


Golden FIPA | Biarritz IF of Audiovisual Programs, France, 2012


Isaki Lacuesta
Isaki Lacuesta



Luisa Matienzo, Dan Wechsler


Isa Campo, Isaki Lacuesta

Director of Photography

Diego Dussuel

Production designer

Sebastián Birchler

Music by

Gerard Gil


Amanda Villavieja


Lupe Perez Garcia


Miquel Barcelo, Joseph Nadj, Alain Mahe, Amon Pegnere Dolo, Amassagou Dolo, Wani Dolo

Production company(ies)

Tusitala P. C. (España) Bord Cadre Films (Suiza) Televisión Española (TVE)

Isaki Lacuesta

Born 1975, Girona, Catalonia, Spain. His first feature film, Cravan vs Cravan (2002) won awards at several international festivals. The Spanish critics described it as the best first film of the year and recognized this achievement with a RNE-Sant Jordi Award. Among other prizes, it received the Best New Director Award and the Audience Award for Best Film at the IFF of Sitges. His short films have participated in various festivals. Isaki has also written several feature film scripts. He has contributed articles about cinema, music and literature. His latest feature film, The Legend of Time has been selected for the Rotterdam IFF. Lacuesta has been described as one of the most promising young spanish filmmakers and the publishing house Phaidon Press included him in the book Take 100 as one of the hundred filmmakers who will shape the future of world cinema. He has released four feature films, as well as numerous short films and installations for exhibitions.


Faces vs. Faces (2000), Theory Bodies (2004), Cravan vs. Cravan (2002), The Legend of Time (2006), The Damned (2009), The Condemned (2009), The Night That Never Ends (2010), The Clay Diaries (2011), Double Steps (2011).

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