The Breath of the Tundra
The Breath of the Tundra

The Breath of the Tundra

Director Mikhail Gorobchuk

Production year 2012

Length 26min.

Country Russia


Far from civilization, where there is not yet a gap between human and natural world, one can feel the true breath of the earth, the unity of living and nonliving matters. The picture directs towards the world of one’s sensory experience, induces to try breathing with the tundra, adding video and audio series with their own feelings, experiences and associations. This is an experimental film also, trying to find new ways of cinematic language.



Mikhail Gorobchuk
Mikhail Gorobchuk



Svetlana Dalskaya, Ekaterina Vizgalova


Mikhail Gorobchuk

Director of Photography

Mikhail Gorobchuk

Music by

Olga Ukhanova


Mikhail Gorobchuk, Sorin Apostol


Mikhail Gorobchuk

Mikhail Gorobchuk

Graduated from the Moscow Film Institute (VGIK), the Cinematography Department. Since 2007 he is the head of an animation studio in the boarding school Pleskovo. In 2007 he received the President's grand in support of talented youth. The winner of the 12th International Festival of Children's animated film Goldfish for the animated series Russian Fairy-Tales. The Breath of theTundra - is the dedut in the documentary.


Russian Fairy-Tales (2007), Spring (2009), Happiness Has Remained in the House (2009), Friday (2009), The Nail (2010), The Cat (2010), Fishing the Moon (2011), The Breath of the Tundra (2012).

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