Something More about Love
Something More about Love

Something More about Love

Director Magdalena Ralcheva

Production year 2010

Length 95min.

Country Bulgaria


The film is based on a true story from the life of the great Bulgarian surgeon Dr Ivan Rumenov. It is set in the first months of 1945, in a seaside town from where the doctor is banished for the sole reason that he had worked as assistant to the renowned Professor Alexander Stanishev, who was convicted and executed by the so-called “People’s Court”. When leaving Sofia, he not only had to give up his brilliant career, but also leave behind the woman he loved. In the small town, the doctor meets Dikran, a pleasant young Armenian photographer. The two become good friends and the doctor is a welcome guest at the home of the Armenian and his nurturing mother. Gradually, Dr. Rumenov wins the hearts of his new fellow townsmen, and a number of alluring pleasures are in store for his friend...


Best Camera for Alexander Lazarov | Berdyansk FF, Ukraine, 2011


Magdalena Ralcheva
Magdalena Ralcheva



Stanimir Trifonov


Georgi Danailov

Director of Photography

Alexsander Lazarov

Production designer

Vladimir Lekarski

Music by

Bozhidar Petkov


Alexander Simeonov


Ivan Dechev


Kalin Vrachanski, Simeon Lyutakov, Sepide Delforuz, Maria Statulova, Velko Kunev, Dimo Alexiev

Production company(ies)

Nuance Film Bulgaria

Magdalena Ralcheva

She graduated in Film and TV Directing from the NATFA, Sofia in 2005. Her graduation film, The Tenanat, received the ART-TV Serbia award in 2008. She has directed documentary and short films. Something More about Love is her feature film debut.


The Tenant (2008), Something More about Love (2010).

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