Shor and Shorshor
Shor and Shorshor

Shor and Shorshor

Director Hamo (Hambardzum) Beknazaryan

Production year 1926

Length 57min.

Country Armenia


Two idler and drunkard friends, Shor and Shorshor, appear in a raw of comical adventures.



Hamo (Hambardzum) Beknazaryan
Hamo (Hambardzum) Beknazaryan



Hamo Beknazaryan, based on a story by M. Bagratuni

Director of Photography

Arkady Yalovoy

Production designer

Mikhail Surgunov


Hambardzum Khachanyan, Aram Amirbekyan, Nina Manucharyan, Avet Avetisyan, Grigor Avetyan

Production company(ies)


Hamo (Hambardzum) Beknazaryan

(1892, Yerevan - 1965, Moscow) Used to be a professional sportsman. 1918 - graduated from the Moscow Commercial Institute. Since 1914 starred in Russian films, he was one of the stars of Russian silent cinema. 1921- the head of the film section of Narkompros of Georgia, later became a director of Goskinprom of Georgia.He is the founder of Armenian cinema.


Patricide (At the Pillory, 1923), Lost Treasures (1924), Namus (1925), Natella (1925), Shor and Shorshor (1926),.Earthquake in Leninakan (1926), Zare (1926), Evil Spirit (1927), Khaspush (1927), House on the Volcano (1928), Seville (1929), Leather (1930), Cotton (1930), Nairi Country (1930), Igdenbu (1930), A Man with an Order (1932), Pepo (1935), Zangezur (1938), Sabukhi (1941), Daughter (1942), David Bek (1943), Anahit (1947), A Girl from Ararat Valley (1950), The Second Caravan (1950, not accomplished), Soviet Armenia (1950), House-warming (1954), Nasreddin in Khodjent or Charming Prince (1959).

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