Recycling Life - I Found Dostoyevsky in the Garbage
Recycling Life - I Found Dostoyevsky in the Garbage

Recycling Life - I Found Dostoyevsky in the Garbage

Director Enis Rıza

Production year 2011

Length 100min.

Country Turkey


One of street kids, Oktay is an amalgamation of a beggar, a junk collector, a rubbish collector even a glue sniffer; he has begged on the streets, he has collected rubbish; he has sold paper, cuddled up to stray dogs. His life changed in Istanbul through chance meetings with students and discarded books he found in the bins. He read them and began to collect them for himself. Now he runs a multi genre second hand book store. This young man’s story, in which he went from nobody to someone, shines a beacon of hope and understanding for all ready to listen.


Best Documentary Film | Corinthian FF, Greece, 2011

Best Documentary Film | Boston Turkish FF, USA, 2011


Enis Rıza
Enis Rıza



Nalan Sakızlı


Enis Rıza

Director of Photography

Koray Kesik, Ozan Turgut

Music by

Sinan Sakızlı


Koray Kesik


Burak Dal

Production company(ies)

VTR Film- Research & Production

Enis Rıza

Born 1948, Ankara, Turkey. He attended lessons of sociology and philology at Hacettepe University. He started working in the areas of documentary and short films in the group of “Young Cinema” in 1969. In 1972, two of his feature films and two of his documentaries generated various repercussions where they were shown abroad. Photography is another area of his interest. He has had exhibits in the United States and in France. He uninterruptedly continued to make documentaries from 70’s. He worked together Süha Arın between 1978 to 1986. In 1987 he established VTR Film Directing-Research & Production where he currently works as a director together Nalan Sakızlı, executive producer. In 1996, he was involved in the founders of The Association of Documentary Filmmakers in Turkey. He is spokesman and chairman of the board. He’s also one of the founders of Babil - Social, Cultural and Artistic Works and Documentary Cinema Associaiton. Currently, he teaches “Documentary Cinema” at Marmara University.


Children of Istanbul (1997), Dreams of the Republic (1998), The Country that I Wept for (1999), Anatolian Heritage (2000), Sorrow... Homeland of Separateness (2011), Ataturk in Izmir (2003), On the Street (2004), Adopting a New Homeland (2006), Born out of Ashes (2007), Birth, Wedding and Death in 6 Languages (2007), Recycling Life: I Found Dostoyevsky in the Garbage (2011), Guard of Time (2012)

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