My Little Prince
My Little Prince

My Little Prince

Director Armen Ronov

Production year 2012

Length 57min.

Country France / Armenia


It's our age. There is a cold war between countries and nations. It's spiritual crisis. The ghost of greed reigns in the world. It's a world of adults, the world of "kings", "drunkards", "geographers" and "dealers", who stopped realizing "what life is" and "what is important or not". The Little Prince and his friends must resist it. People should be taught great variety of things: to enjoy sunrises and sunsets, to admire the beauty of fields and sands, to appreciate the water of wells and shining of stars in the sky. People should think about small and big troubles of their neighbors in the Universe. One should console the one who cries. One should not forget "those who you domesticated". Person should feel his responsibility for everything what is going on in the world.



Armen Ronov
Armen Ronov



Gevorg Gevorgyan, Rima Khachatryan


Armen Ronov

Director of Photography

Armen Ronov

Music by

Garik Saribekian, Serj Tankian


Ara Mkrtchyan


Ara Mkrtchyan


Alexandre Chirinyan, Nikolay Madoyev, Jean Ter-Merguerian, Didier Parakian, Albert II of Monaco, Princess Charlene, Sir Michael Smurfit, Charles-Luc Hommel

Production company(ies)

Rimatravel Film

Armen Ronov

Born 1971, Yerevan, Armenia. In 1996 graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema as a drama theatre director. His debut as a director took place in 2000 with the documentary Amen. Poprishchin (2007) was his feature debut and it won national and two international awards.


The Ghost (2001), Narek (2002), Gregory (2003), 8/34-Homily (2004), Witch-Hunting (2005), Felix (2006), Speranza (2007), Poprishchin (2007), Anna Karenina (2009), The Gregory Passion (2011), My Little Prince (2012).

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