Mutant Rats or a Report on a Squat
Mutant Rats or a Report on a Squat

Mutant Rats or a Report on a Squat

Director Natalia Alfutova

Production year 2011

Length 30min.

Country Russia


Over the last 15 years entire blocks of historical buildings and dozens of priceless monuments dating between the 17th and 20th Centuries have been destroyed in Moscow. In the centre of Moscow land is very valuable, more valuable than the architectural monuments standing on that land. That’s why any mansion, old house or historical monument getting in the way of selling the land is destroyed using any means possible. Even special rats are released into evacuated buildings which will turn the structure of any solid, safe building into dust within two weeks threatening the safety of passers by. The film is about a small group of young people who try with all their might to oppose the cruel destruction of their city.



Natalia Alfutova
Natalia Alfutova



Natalia Strugackaya


Natalia Alfutova, Artem Rubakov, Alexandr Mojaev

Director of Photography

Vartan Kancedal

Production designer

Ksenia Samarina

Music by

Baba Band


Levon Navarsadyan


Natalia Alfutova


Daria Danushevskaya

Production company(ies)

ELECTROmed Production

Natalia Alfutova

Born 1982, Moscow, Russia․ Studied at the Mechanical-Mathematics department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (1999-2004). Since 2009 has been attending Higher Courses for Directors. Works as editor and director for advertising films and music videos (since 2003).


I'm Going to Change my Name a.k.a Alaverdi (2010), Gagarin (2008), Mutant Rats or a Report on a Squat (2011).

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