Lonely Island
Lonely Island

Lonely Island

Director Peeter Simm

Production year 2012

Length 100min.

Country Estonia / Belarus / Latvia


A present day ensemble film. Five stories and many more lives that are affected, they flow by each other and sometimes intersect. In one way or other it’s about emotional scars that each of us carries around. Events take place in a space of a few days as the heroes try to cope with their past and move on with their lives.



Peeter Simm
Peeter Simm



Gatis Upmalis, Enda Lehtmets, Ivan Kolb


Mihkel Ulman, Peeter Simim

Director of Photography

Vadim Poteev

Production designer

Aleksandr Kholodtsov, Mare Raidma


Mart Otsa, Harmo Kallaste, Vladimir Sukhadulov


Olga Reshetnikova, Armands Zvirvulis


Lembit Ulfsak, Juhan Ulfsak, Lenna Kuurmaa, Igor Sigov, Svetalana Zelenkovskaya, Boris Polunin, Valerija Arlanova

Production company(ies)

Lege Artis Film, Belarusfilm, Studio F.O.R.M.A.

Peeter Simm

Peeter Simm is a seasoned professional with a knack of involving audience. One of his early films Arabella – Pirate’s Daughter got a staggering 9,2 million cinema admissions in the former Soviet Union. Simm is graduate cum claude from Director’s course at Moscow Film Institute (VGIK) 1976, studied under the supervision of professor A. Stolper. He’s made 11 feature films and 12 documentaries, he’s also directed theatre.


Tattoo (1977), Ideal Landscape (1980), Arabella – Pirate’s Daughter (1982), Puud olid…/There Were the Trees (1984), The Man Who Wasn’t There (1989), Roller-Coaster (1994), Good Hands (2001), Fed Up! (2006), Georg (2007), Lonely Island (2012).

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