It’s Me
It’s Me

It’s Me

Director Vahagn Grigoryan

Production year 2012

Length 108min.

Country Armenia


This film tells of a young man who is leaving for compulsory military service having an intention to marry his girlfriend upon return from the army and to permanently move abroad to his uncle. Thus the young man’s army life begins in a border military unit. Through this young man, the viewer observes the issues of the army: acquiring qualities of a man, mastering physical strength, feeling homesick, making new friends, differentiating good and evil.



Vahagn Grigoryan
Vahagn Grigoryan



Armen Mazmanyan, Karen Babajanyan


Karen Babajanyan, Khachatur Arakelyan, Vahagn Grigoryan

Director of Photography

Ruben Gasparyan

Production designer

Aram Danielyan

Music by

Karen Babajanyan


“Megalot”, “Ardini”


Miqayel Torgomyan


Sos Sargsyan, Arman Navasardyan, Levs Davtyan, Eva Ghazaryan, Gnel Ulikhanyan, Rafayel Grigoryan, Arpine Gabrielyan, Levon Muradyan, Vache Eritsyan

Production company(ies)

32 Film

Vahagn Grigoryan

Born 1978, Yerevan, Armenia) Studied at the Kiev University of International Civil Aviation (1996-1998). Due to some family affairs he left his education incomplete and returned to Armenia. Studied at the Film Actors’ Studio of Hayfilm (1999-2001). Worked as a scriptwriter and actor at Ardini Studio. In 2006, he founded the “32 Teeth” humor club. Works as a film director, scriptwriter and actor at 32 Production.


It’s Me (2012).

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