Insignificant Details of the Accidental Episode
Insignificant Details of the Accidental Episode

Insignificant Details of the Accidental Episode

Director Mikhail Mestetskiy

Production year 2011

Length 28min.

Country Russia


Due to railway repair, two trains stopped opposite each other on the same track in the middle of nowhere. Time passes but the traffic is still blocked. Strange relationships begin between the passengers.


Grand Prix | Iraq International Short FF, Iraq, 2011

2-nd Award of the Competition, Prize of the Guild of Film Critics | Kinotavr FF, Russia, 2012

Grand Prix | Art-Kino FF, Russia, 2012

Prize of Public | Debyutnoe Kino FF, Russia, 2012

Grand Prix, Prize of Public, Best Script Award | ProVzglyad FF, Russia, 2012


Mikhail Mestetskiy
Mikhail Mestetskiy



Sergei Kornikhin


Mikhail Mestetsky, Nikolay Kulikov

Director of Photography

Timofey Parschikov

Production designer

Irina Korina


Roman Khokhlov


Maria Wimken, Mikhail Mestetskiy


Kirill Kyaro, Miriam Sekhon, Oleg Kassin, Ksenia Karaeva, Elena Anisimova, Alexey Krychenkov, Alexandr Chutko

Production company(ies)

Droog Drooga Film Company

Mikhail Mestetskiy

Born 1980․ Screenwriter, director. Graduated from the RSUH (Department of Philology), 2003. A graduate of the Moscow Courses of Screenwriters and Directors, 2006. Have some of his prose published in magazines. Awarded prizes of a number of Russian and International FFs.


There Is No Light And There Won’t Be (2006), Past Continuous (2007), Axes in Bread (2009), Legs - Atavism (2011), Insignificant Details of the Accidental Episode (2011).

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