I Left My Shoes in Istanbul
I Left My Shoes in Istanbul

I Left My Shoes in Istanbul

Director Nigol Bezjian

Production year 2011

Length 64min.

Country Armenia / Lebanon / Turkey


The film closely follows Sako Arian, A Lebanese Armenian modernist poet who embarks onto a journey that has been delayed for a century; the return to his ancestral city of Istanbul, where his cultural and literally roots are found. Sako tours the old streets of Istanbul once populated by Armenians, the ancient cemeteries and the poets buried in them, the old churches and more than a century old high school. He meets the young and the old, the famed and the humble, Armenians and Turks, listens to their stories, their opinions, he laughs and shares food with them.



Nigol Bezjian
Nigol Bezjian



Nigol Bezjian


Nigol Bezjian

Director of Photography

Nigol Bezjian


Nour Al Amine


Sako Arian, Mihran Tovmasyan, Ara Guler, Onder Cekar

Production company(ies)

Think Positive Films

Nigol Bezjian

Born 1955, Aleppo, Syria. Grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, before moving to the USA where he attended New York School of Visual Arts (BFA in Cinema) and then UCLA. Nigol Bezjian lived and worked in many countries. He has made numerous films and won awards from prestigious international FFs. He is a senior TV producer in the Middle East.


Cycle Carmen (1982), Hour of the Grey Horse (1984), Chickpeas (1992), Roads Full of Apricots (2001), Muron (2002), Verve (2003), Home/Land (2008), I Left My Shoes in Istanbul (2011), Milk, Carnation and a Godly Song (2012).

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