I Cant Right Now
I Cant Right Now

I Cant Right Now

Director Roser Aguilar

Production year 2011

Length 12min.

Country Spain


Sara is a young actress who, after becoming a mother, decides to go back to her professional life. She becomes finalist in an audition in which the stakes couldn't be higher.


Best Actress | Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares, Spain, 2011

Best Short Film, Premis Gaudi | Acadèmia del Cinema Català, Spain, 2011

Best Spanish Short Film | Festival Europeu de Curtmetratges, Spain, 2011

Best Spanish Short Film | La Fila Festival de Cortometrajes, Valladolid, Spain, 2011

Best Spanish Short Film | Festival Internacional de Cortometraje de Barcelona, Spain, 2011

Dirige otro corto Award | Festival Curt ficcions, Spain, 2011

Best Short Film | Concurso Rendibú, Madrid, Spain, 2012

Best Actress | Festival de Cortos Radio City, Valencia, Spain, 2012


Roser Aguilar
Roser Aguilar



Oriol Sala-Patau


Elena Corberó

Director of Photography

Bernat Bosch

Production designer

Oriol Sala-Patau

Music by

Jens Neumaeir, Miguel Angel Alemany, Barbara Von Hoestenbergh


Sem Rossi, Marc Orts


Liana Artigal


Cristina Blanco, Carla Pérez, Ernesto Collado, Mireia Ros, Manel Barceló

Production company(ies)

Ahora No Puedo Producciones

Roser Aguilar

Born 1971, Barcelona, Spain. She graduated in Journalism. Mastered in Direction in the ESCAC's first promotion. She has worked in different audiovisual fields and directed some shorts films.


Cuando te encontré (1999), Lo mejor de mí (2007), I Can’t Right Now (2011).

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