Graveyard Keeper's Daughter
Graveyard Keeper's Daughter

Graveyard Keeper's Daughter

Director Katrin Laur

Production year 2011

Length 100min.

Country Estonia


Lucia is leading a jolly and naughty Pippi-Longstocking-style life in a small town in Estonia. Her father Kaido, a graveyard keeper, can hardly provide for the family, her mother Maria is a drunkard. Then the family receives an unexpected invitation to spend a week in Finland, in the house of the female pastor Sirpa. This week will change everybody’s lives in unexpected ways.


Best Baltic Film, FIRPRESCI Prize | Arsenals IFF, Riga, Latvia, 2011

Best Estonian Film | Tallinn Black Nights FF, Estonia, 2011


Katrin Laur
Katrin Laur



Mati Sepping


Katrin Laur

Director of Photography

Anssi Leino

Production designer

Eugen Tamberg

Music by

Ants Andreas, Tiina Andreas, Matis Rei


Ants Andreas, Tiina Andreas, Matis Rei


Kersti Miilen


Maria Avdjushko, Epp Eespaev, Kertu-Killu Grenman, Ülle Kaljuste, Eva Klemets

Production company(ies)

Mati Sepping Estinfilm

Katrin Laur

Born 1955, Tartu, Estonia. In 1977-1982 Katrin Laur studied film directing at Moscow Film Institute (VGIK, studio of Sergei Gerasimov). After graduating she did not see a chance for herself to work under the Soviet censorhip, and emigrated to Germany. She has lived in Germany and Switzerland, working as a scriptwriter and director, journalist and script consultant. In 2005, she started working in Estonia again and, in 2006, her family film Ruudi was produced, which was successful at numerous international festivals. The following year she founded the production company Content Providers in Tallinn, with which she also produces documentaries. Now she lives and works in Estonia and in Germany.


Ruudi (2006), Graveyard Keeper’s Daughter (2011), Roots: One Hundred Years of War and Music (2011).

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