Carpenter Expecting a Son
Carpenter Expecting a Son

Carpenter Expecting a Son

Director Narineh Malyan

Production year 2012

Length 15min.

Country Armenia


Daniel was a destitute and a poor man, a father of a large family. His life was the same day by day: dawn, wife’s reproach, silent suffering of the children, sruggle for living, bitter sleep... He was a carpenter. He’d do anything. And once he did a crucifixion. He did not know one of the three people crucified was Jesus of Nazareth.



Narineh Malyan
Narineh Malyan



Narineh Malyan


Artem Melkumyan

Director of Photography

Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan

Production designer

Vardan Sedrakyan

Music by

Samvel Sarian


Levon Hakhverdyan


Mihran Stepanyan


Arnold Gazaryan, Kristine Hovakimyan, Anna Mkrtchyan, Gisane Tutunjyan d’Vardavan, Anna Khachatryan, David Gasparyan

Production company(ies)

Henrik Malyan Cultural Foundation

Narineh Malyan

Born 1960, Yerevan, Armenia. She studied cinema and photography at the Culture Department of the Yerevan Pedagogical Institute after Kh. Abovyan (Yuri Yerznkyan’s master class), 1977-1981. In 1981 she started working for the Hayfilm Studio, animation department, as an assistent director with Robert Sahakyants. In 1984 she moved to Theatre-Studio of Film Actor at the Hayfilm Studio where she worked as an assistant director till 1992. She concurrently studied at the Social Sciences Department of the Yerevan Pedagogical Institute, graduating with a Production Designer diploma. During this period she was active in staging. Worked at the National Cinematheque of Armenia, 1992-1996. She was an Art Supervisor at the Radio Yerevan FM station, 1998-2000. Since 2002 has been an Art Supervisor at the Theatre of Film Actor after Henrik Malyan. Physiology of Race and Train Stories, plays directed by her were awarded Artavazd Prizes (2005, 2009). In 2011 Narineh Malyan was awarded the title of the Meritorious Artist of RA.


A Sketch (1981), Without Words (1981), Finally I Am Coming Home (2001), Carpenter Expecting a Son (2012).

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