Director Salomé Jashi

Production year 2011

Length 58min.

Country Germany / Georgia


A three-story brick building in a provincial Georgian town. At the center of the building is a restaurant with walls covered with bright green and orange plastic foam and where tables are set, waiting for customers – who rarely come. Just like customers, change also comes rarely here. Just like the others in the building waitress Nana and her boss are waiting… This building, which resembles Noah’s Ark, is a microcosm, a model of this troubled country with its endless demonstrations and opposition rallies. On the backdrop of political events, somehow, all of life is here.


Honorary Mention in Young Talent Competition | DOK Leipzig, Germany, 2011

Award for Best Central and East European Documentary | Jihlava IDF, Czech Republic, 2011


Salomé Jashi
Salomé Jashi



Heino Deckert, Anna Dziapshipa


Salomé Jashi

Director of Photography

Salomé Jashi


Davit Sikharulidze


Derek Howard

Production company(ies) filmproduktion Marienplatz 1 04103 Leipzig, Germany

Salomé Jashi

Born 1981. Salomé Jashi is a documentary filmmaker based in Georgia. With first degree in journalism she studied documentary filmmaking at Royal Holloway, University of London, Media Arts Department. One of her student films was screened at the National Portrait Gallery as part of the discussion on self-portraiture. Among other places Salomé’s films have been selected at Leipzig International FF for Documentary and Animated Film (2007), Cinéma du Réel in Paris (2007), One World Human Rights Documentary FF in Prague (2009).


Their Helicopter (2006), A Mr. Minister (2008), Speechless (2009), The Leader Is Always Right (2010), Bakhmaro (2011).

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