Back to the Square
Back to the Square

Back to the Square

Director Petr Lom

Production year 2012

Length 83min.

Country Norway / Canada


The unit filmed in Egypt for ten months since the beginning of the Revolution in January. A year later, protests continue, but the euphoria of Tahrir Square and its Egyptian Velvet Revolution have given way to a more sober realization that Egypt has a long struggle ahead to free itself of old power structures, entrenched elites, endemic corruption, and above all, widespread abuse of basic human rights. We follow five different characters from very different aspects of Egyptian society, all of whom have suffered State injustice since the revolution.



Petr Lom
Petr Lom



Torstein Grude


Petr Lom, Torstein Grude

Director of Photography

Petr Lom


Jeroen Goejiers


Petr Lom, Erik Andersson

Production company(ies)

Piraya Film 25 Kvitsoygata Stavanger 4014 Norway

Petr Lom

Born 1968, Prague, Czech Republic. A former academic with a Ph.D. in political philosophy from Harvard, he gave up his university career in 2003 to become a fulltime documentary filmmaker specializing in human rights subjects.


Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan (2004). On a Tightrope (2006), Letters to the President (2009), Back to the Square (2012).

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