Armine and Lady Macbeth
Armine and Lady Macbeth

Armine and Lady Macbeth

Director Misha Ghazaryan

Production year 2012

Length 54min.

Country Armenia


The actress Armine Matsakyan used to work at the Abelyan Theatre in Vanadzor for some time. Armine had diabet since childhood. After marriage she had a son and lost her sight. She knew that in case of her sickness she is risking a lot by going on delivery, but the wish to become mother won. After losing her sight, she refused stepping back from life. In that situation her husband Temour Achinyan helps her in everything. Temour is an actor himself, he stages playes with leading roles for Armine. Temour earned leaving, bothered about wife’s health and domestic problems from making dinner to polishing his wife’s shoes.



Misha Ghazaryan
Misha Ghazaryan



Misha Ghazaryan


Armen Dovlatyan, Misha Ghazaryan

Director of Photography

Ani Yegiazaryan


Armen Dovlatyan

Production company(ies)

Armina LLC

Misha Ghazaryan

Born 1984, Talin, Armenia. In 2011 graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema. Armine and Lady Macbeth is his first film after graduating.


Armine and Lady Macbeth (2012).

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