A Place in Cinema
A Place in Cinema

A Place in Cinema

Director Alberto Morais

Production year 2007

Length 107min.

Country Spain


A Place in the Cinema is about cinematographic resistance, structured through three filmmakers. The Greek master Theo Angelopoulos embarks on a trip from Athens to Ostia, the Roman beach where Pier Paolo Pasolini was murdered. Far from there, in a railway station in Spain, the Spanish filmmaker Víctor Erice reveals himself through an interview whose discursive epicentre is the cinematographic resistance. In Italy, we meet Tonino Guerra, Ninetto Davoli and Nico Naldini. They will complete, representing Pasolini’s missing voice, the historical and cinematographic triangle conformed by the three filmmakers the authors want to pay homage to. All of them take part in a revealing and reflexive trip called “A place in the cinema”.



Alberto Morais
Alberto Morais



Alberto Morais, Jose Maria Lara, Miguel Angel Jimenez


Alberto Morais

Director of Photography

Luis Sainz

Production designer

Luis Galindo


Ruben Perez, Paco Casted


Julia Juaniz, Sergi Dies


Víctor Erice, Theo Angelopoulos, Tonino Guerra, Ninetto Davoli, Nico Naldini

Production company(ies)

Olivo Films, S.L. C/ Santa Ana, 6-4ºA Int. 28005 Madrid Spain

Alberto Morais

Born 1976, Valladolid, Spain. Graduated in Fine Arts, studied at the School of Script of Luís García Berlanga. In 2000 he got his diploma in History and Aesthetics of the Cinema from the University of Valladolid. Since then he has been living in Madrid where he got his diploma in Camera and Photography. Alberto Morais has been director and movie producer for 10 years. His The Waves (2011) won several awards and keeps on participating at the international film festivals.


Umbrales (2001), A campo traviesa (2003), A Place in the Cinema (2007), The Waves (2011).

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