A Little of Paradise
A Little of Paradise

A Little of Paradise

Director Maxim Mihaltsov

Production year 2011

Length 42min.

Country Belarus


There is nothing more terrible for children than to become unnecessary for their own parents! There are more than 20 thousand such children in the orphanages of Belarus – they are orphans even though their parents are alive. However, the miracles of mercy do happen! Eugene and Natalia Dubnikov know this. They have had three children, and they have taken four more kids from an orphanage. Not all of their friends and colleagues understood why they did it. Their family has been living on the border between love and indifference, faith and unbelief ever since. Their new home is also on the border between Lithuania and Belarus, on the shore of a picturesque lake.


Special Prize of Jury Sigel-Gudzhari | St. Andrey's Cross IF of Orthodox Films, Georgia, 2011

Best Producer | Radonezh IFF, Russia, 2011


Maxim Mihaltsov
Maxim Mihaltsov



Maxim Mihaltsov, Ella Milova

Director of Photography

Maxim Mihaltsov


Pavel Bury


Maxim Mihaltsov

Production company(ies)

Studio in honour of St. John the Warrior

Maxim Mihaltsov

Born 1976, Minsk, Belarus. Graduated from the Minsk Polytechnical Institute in 1999. Worked at the Belarusfilm Studio as an assistant director. Studied at Higher Courses of Playwrights and Directors in Moscow (under E. Lotianu and A. Dobrovolsky), 2002-04.


Ave (2005), Slaves of Vices (2006), The God’s People (2007), The Teacher of Repentance (2008), Synergy (2009), A Glimmering Light (2010), A Little of Paradise (2011), To Be (2011).

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