Winter Vacation
Winter Vacation

Winter Vacation

Director Li Hongqi

Production year 2010

Length 91min.

Country China


Northern China, winter… An ordinary tiny town in Inner Mongolia - 9 adolescents, 2 kids, together with a group of indistinct adults. These individuals engaged in nothing live in a place where nothing happens. The story begins in a depressive location and fades out with a sudden panic feeling, just as their daily lives, and as the destiny prearranged for us.


Golden Leopard | Locarno IFF, Switzerland, 2010


Li Hongqi
Li Hongqi



Alex Chung


Li Hongqi

Director of Photography

Qin Yurui

Music by

Zuoxiao Zuzhou, The Top Floor Circus


Li Hongqi


BaiJunjie, Zhang Naqi, BaiJinfeng, Xie Ying, Wang Hui, Bao Lei, Bai Xiaohong, Zhi Feng ,Wu Guoxiong, Jiang Chao, Shao Meiqi,Yao Lang

Production company(ies)

EGO SUM films production

Li Hongqi

Born 1976, Shandong, China. Li Hongqi, a poet and a novelist, graduated from China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1999. His main publications include: Lin Chuang Jing Yan/Cure, a poetry anthology, Xing Yun’er/Lucky Fellow and Shi Bu Wan De Jin/Smells Like Teen Spirit novels. His first feature So Much Rice (2005) won the NETPAC award at the 58th Locarno IFF. His second feature Routine Holiday (2008) was nominated for the FIPRESCI Award at the 52th London IFF. Winter Vacation (2010) is his third feature.


So much rice (2005), Routine Holiday (2008), Winter Vacation (2010)

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