Wedding In Bessarabia
Wedding In Bessarabia

Wedding In Bessarabia

Director Napoleon Helmis (Nap Toader)

Production year 2010

Length 92min.

Country Republic of Moldova


Vlad, a young conductor from Romania has recently married Vica, a Moldovan pianist. Together with Vlad’s mother and uncle, they travel to Moldova for their cash-grab wedding: in Moldova the custom is to give newlyweds money gifts, as a first input to the family budget. The festivity is planned by Vica’s brother-in-law Valera, an affluent businessman. As families get acquainted and proceed with the ceremony, cultural projections are exchanged, sometimes with funny but mostly with damaging consequences.


Napoleon Helmis (Nap Toader)
Napoleon Helmis (Nap Toader)



Virgiliu Margineanu, Dan Ratiu, Donat Etienne


Napoleon Helmis, Dan Ratiu

Director of Photography

Silviu Stavile

Production designer

Svetlana Mihailescu

Music by

Anatol Stefanet


Mihai Bogos


Corina Stavila


Vlad Logigan, Victoria Bobu, Constantin Florescu, Igor Chistol

Production company(ies)

OWH Studio (MD), Mediana Communication (RO), Donat Etienne (LX)

Napoleon Helmis (Nap Toader)

Born 1969, Topana, Romania. In 1996 he graduated from the National University for Theatre and Film Studies, Bucharest, as Film director. At present he makes independent films, also teaches at Romanian Film Academy. Moldova is where he finds his inspiration and stories.


The Italian Girls (2004), Challenge Day (2005), Wedding in Bassarabia (2010)

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