To Its Normal Course
To Its Normal Course

To Its Normal Course

Director Gagik Stepanyan

Production year 2010

Length 37min.

Country Armenia


The documentary focuses on the story behind the building of the Armenian Genocide Memorial Monument in 1960s, and its important influence on the awakening of national self-awareness of the Armenian people.


Gagik Stepanyan
Gagik Stepanyan



Hakob Nahapetyan


Hayk Demoyan, Gagik Stepanyan

Director of Photography

Vahe Terteryan


Renata Sarkisova


Levon Hakhverdyan

Production company(ies)

Documentary film studio “Hayk”

Gagik Stepanyan

Born 1947. Director and scriptwriter. Makes films since 1966. In 1981 he graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Cinematographers (VGIK), Filmmaking Department. Now G. Stepanyan works for Hayk Studio. He is the author of 40 documentary films. Stepanyan is a lecturer, and docent at the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema.


Joseph Orbeli (1981), This House (1982), Through the Mountains (1983), Second Life (1984), Our Bread (1985), Henrik Malyan (1986), Lesson (1987), Stars on the Ceiling (1988), Hello, Good Bye (1988), Chosen by People (1989), Choice (1992), Flights to the War (1992), Our Fellows (1994), Presence (1997), Berdzor (1998), Our John (2005), Areni (2005), Butterflies on Ararat Slopes (2006), Monologue with the Choir and without It (2007), After the Rain, before the Rain (2008), To Its Normal Course (2010), Constantine Orbelyan: Jubilee Meetings (2010)

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