The Volunteer
The Volunteer

The Volunteer

Director Anna Tovmasyan

Production year 2010

Length 36min.

Country Armenia


It is an indisputable fact that in Artsakh war for independence foreigners battled from both belligerent parties. The question is the way Azerbaijan, especially now, represents this fact to world community, naming the foreign fighters from Armenian party "assassins". How have the foreigners appeared in Artsakh? Why did the Russians battle within the Armenian voluntary groups? In particular, Russian Dmitry Motrich from distant Vladivostok, who arrived in Artsakh to fulfil his duty to support Armenian brothers. The film is about destinies of three hero friends: Dmitry Motrich, Ilya Kulik and Myasnic Gasparyan who heroically fell in 1992 on the approaches of Chartar village, excellently executing the difficult fighting assignment. A month after Dmitry Motrich’s death his father came to Artsakh from Vladivostok and stayed there to continue his son’s mission.


Anna Tovmasyan
Anna Tovmasyan



Anna Tovmasyan

Director of Photography

Samvel Babasyan, Suren Tadevosyan

Music by

Arthur Mitinyan


Artak Asiryan


Artak Asiryan

Production company(ies)

Documentary film studio “Hayk”

Anna Tovmasyan

Born 1976, Kasakh, Armenia. In 1999 she graduated from the Yerevan Hrachya Acharyan University, Law Department. Later Anna graduated from Moscow Russian-Armenian theatre studio (2002-2005), at the same time working as an actress. Since 2003 she has been working as a script writer for Public TV of RA. She also co-operates with Sharm Holding, and Аzd Agency. This is her directorial debut.


Volunteer (2010)

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