The Tale of a Pink Bunny
The Tale of a Pink Bunny

The Tale of a Pink Bunny

Director Farkhat Sharipov

Production year 2010

Length 106min.

Country Kazakhstan


Erlan is a student who left his family in the province and went to study in a big city. He arrived to the new city, full of temptations, in search of the big success and happiness like most young men do. The truth is that most young men of the today’s society define a person’s material success as happiness. Erlan is blinded by the rich life that most young men of his age are enjoying. He finds new friends. The so called “golden youth.” The more time Erlan spends with these people, the more his personality is changed. He makes a very specific deal with his new rich friend, Loko. The deal between two young men promises Erlan a ton of money for a pretty simple job. His job is to find a guy, who would get paid for going to jail for someone else…


Farkhat Sharipov
Farkhat Sharipov



Ermek Amanshaev, Serik Zhubandykov


Farkhat Sharipov

Director of Photography

Alexander Plotnikov

Music by

Timur Kusehekov


Rouslan Saqiev


Sergei Vilkaviskiy


Anuar Nurpeisov, Sanzhar Madiev, Farkhad Abdraimov, Maxim Akbarov, Karlygash Mukhamedzhanova

Production company(ies)

Kazakhfilm Studios

Farkhat Sharipov

Born 1983, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Tale of the Pink Bunny is the first feature film of director Farkhat Sharipov, a graduate of the New York Film Academy (Los Angeles branch) and KAZNAI (Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts in Almaty). Sharipov is known within the Kazakh film community for his short films, primarily for his graduate work Happy and Unhappy.


Tale of the Pink Bunny (2010)

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