The Prize
The Prize

The Prize

Director Paula Markovitch

Production year 2010

Length 115min.

Country Mexico/France/Poland/Germany


Ceci, a seven year old girl, has to keep a huge secret, but she doesn't completely understand what is the secret about. The life of her family depends on her silence. But what exactly must she keep silent about? Ceci and her mom live hidden from military repression in Argentina. Ceci asks herself: what must she say? What should she really believe and do in order to deserve the love of her mother and others?


Outstanding Artistic Achievement in the Category Camera, Outstanding Artistic Achievement in the Category Production Design | Berlinale, Germany, 2011


Paula Markovitch
Paula Markovitch



Izrael Moreno


Paula Markovitch

Director of Photography

Wojciech Staron

Music by

Sergio Gurrola


Sergio Diaz


Lorena Moriconi


Paula Galinelli Hertzog, Sharon Herrera, Laura Agorreca, Vivi ana Suraniti, Uriel Iasillo

Production company(ies)

Kung Works, S.A. de C.V., IZ Films, FOPROCINE, Staron Film, NiKo Film

Paula Markovitch

Born 1968, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1976 her family moved to Cordoba, where she began to write poems, stories and plays. After emigrating to Mexico, she became a dramaturge and lecturer at the film institute IMCINE among other places. As a writer she has contributed to feature films such as Lake Tahoe (winner of the Alfred Bauer Preis in 2008), and has directed two short films. The Prize marks her debut as a feature film director.


Periferico (1999), Musica de ambulancia (2009), The Prize (2010)

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