The Piano Tuner
The Piano Tuner

The Piano Tuner

Director Olivier Treiner

Production year 2010

Length 14min.

Country France


Adrien is a young piano prodigy. He is psychologically depressed after failing in a renowned competition and hence works as a piano tuner. As his life’s remedy, he invents a blind person's mask to penetrate into his customers’ private lives. This astuteness allows Adrien to experience the joys of music again. But since he sees things he should not see, Adrien ends up witnessing a murder.


Audience Award, Youth Jury Award | Clermont Ferrand FF, France, 2011

Golden Horseman, Short Fiction Film, Golden Horseman of the Audience | Filmfest, Dresden, Germany, 2011

Audience Award | Brussels IFF, Belgium, 2011

Audience Award | ColCoa FF, Los Angeles, USA, 2011


Olivier Treiner
Olivier Treiner



Cyril Paris


Olivier Treiner

Director of Photography

Julien Roux

Music by

Raphaսl Treiner


Nicolas Waschkowski


Jean-Baptiste Beaudoin


Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet, Gregory Gadebois, Daniele Lebrun

Production company(ies)

2425 Films

Olivier Treiner

Born 1978. His education includes Licence d’Histoire Ո Paris I Panthռon Sorbonne (1997-1998) and Conservatoire National Supռrieur d’Art Dramatique in Paris (2001-2003). From 2001 to 2008 he appeared in several films as an actor. In 2008 he was active in theatre. He is also a scriptwriter. As a film director he has been involved in two movies so far.


Crassus (2007), The Piano Tuner (2010)

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