The Last Armenian In Turkey
The Last Armenian In Turkey

The Last Armenian In Turkey

Director Stefanie de Brouwer

Production year 2011

Length 45min.

Country The Netherlands


Journalist Bram Vermeulen travels through Turkey, from Istanbul to Van, from the Golden Horn to Iran, discovering a country which we thought we knew everything about. In a seven-part series Vermeulen travels along the borders of a country with a regained confidence, from the Mediterranean to the snows in the Far East, the closed borders with Armenia to the open southern borders with neighboring Arab countries.


Stefanie de Brouwer
Stefanie de Brouwer



Stefanie de Brouwer, Doke Romeijn

Director of Photography

Erik van Empel, Jackó van 't Hof

Production designer

Zhu Guangxuan

Music by

Wouter van Bemmel


Bert van den Dungen, Rik Meier


Matthieu Hes, Obbe Verwer

Production company(ies)


Stefanie de Brouwer

Born 1970. Stefanie de Brouwer has been working as a director/producer for the Dutch broadcaster VPRO since 1995. In 2005 she directed the documentary Forasteros - People from Another World. The following years she co-produced and directed ”on the road” television series that feature travels through the filmmaker's eye: In Europe: Travels through the 20-th Century and Beagle - on the Future of Species. Recently she co-produced and directed the series In Turkey.


Forasteros - People from Another World (2005), In Turkey (2011)

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