The Journals of Musan
The Journals of Musan

The Journals of Musan

Director Park Jungbum

Production year 2010

Length 127min.

Country South Korea


Seung-chul is from Musan city of North Hamkyung Province in North Korea. Unlike the meaning “rich” behind the city’s name, Seung-chul decides to defect to South Korea because he’s sick and tired of the famine there. He lives in a rented apartment with his friend, Kyung-chul and the life he lives in South Korea is not vastly different from his previous life in the North. The only happiness for Seung-chul is the church. A choir member at the church named Sook-young is like an angel to Seung-chul… Seung-chul keeps falling out of place in this capitalist society where it is even harder to take care of one’s self. What’s more frustrating is that the friendship between Seung-chul and Kyung-chul, which is the only thing they had in South Korea, begins to slowly break apart.


Grand Prix | Marrakech IFF, Morocco, 2010

New Currents Award, FIPRESCI Award | Pusan IFF, South Korea, 2010


Park Jungbum
Park Jungbum



Jinuk Lee


Jungbum Park

Director of Photography

Jongsun Kim


Junyoung Moon


Hyunjoo Jo


Jungbum Park, Yonguk Jin, Eunjin Kang

Production company(ies)

Jinjin Pictures Finecut, Gangnam-gu

Park Jungbum

Born 1976, Seoul, South Korea. Graduated from Yonsei University with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education in 2002. And from 2007 he’s been studying at the Dongkook University Film School. With his first short film Templementary (2000) and the second short 125 Jeon Seung-Chul (2008), he was granted numerous prizes at many prestigious film festivals. Then he was the First Assistant Director on Lee Chang-dong’s film Poetry (Best Screenplay at the Cannes IFF in 2010). In 2009 he completed his debut film The Journals of Musan, which was world-premiered at the Pusan IFF in 2010.


Templementary (2000), 125 Jeon Seung-Chul (2008), The Journals of Musan (2010)

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