The Edge
The Edge

The Edge

Director Alexey Uchitel

Production year 2010

Length 119min.

Country Russia


Autumn, 1945. A remote Siberian village with a hopeless name Edge. Here the exiled «traitors of the Motherland» cut trees, and an old steam locomotive carrying timber runs between the regional center and dense taiga. This is the place where lgnat is sent to maintain and repair this locomotive. Before the war he was an excellent locomotive driver and he reached Berlin as a tank crew member. Now he is to start a new life in this godforsaken place. From the very beginning this new life isn't going to be restful. Locals are not pleased to see a stranger in their village. His torrid love affair with the local beauty Sofia only flares up tensions. Soon he is surrounded by hostile atmosphere. Too many people don’t like his independence, toughness and striving to be a winner.


Golden Eagle for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress | Russian Film Awards, Russia, 2010


Alexey Uchitel
Alexey Uchitel



Konstantin Ernst


Alexander Gonorovsky

Director of Photography

Yury Klimenko

Production designer

Vera Zelinskaya

Music by

David Holmes


Kirill Vasilenko


Yelena Andreyeva, Gleb Nikulsky


Vladimir Mashkov, Anjorka Strechel, Yulia Peresild, Sergei Garmash, Alexey Gorbunov, Vyacheslav Krikunov, Ruben Karapetyan

Production company(ies)

Channel One Russia, Rock Films Teleshow

Alexey Uchitel

Born 1951. He graduated from VGIK in 1975, and worked as a film director at the Leningrad Documentary Film Studio. He became the head of the Rock Films in 1992. Alexey Uchitel's debut as a feature film director was in 1995 with the Giselle's Mania film. It was screened at many international festivals, including the one in Cannes, and got prestigious awards. Uchitel has won many awards at both International and Russian film festivals. Among them are: Award for Best Director at the 43-th IFF in Karlovy Vary in 2008; the Main Prize for the Best Film at the 19-th Eastern European Film Festival (Cottbus, 2008); Grand Prix of the 27-th Moscow IFF Golden Georgyi for the Best Film, and others. Alexey Uchitel continues his work as a producer as well.


Rock (1988), Butterfly (1993), Giselles' Mania (1995), His Wife's Diary (2000), The Stroll (2003), Dreaming of Space (2005), Captive (2008), The Edge (2010)

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