The Baby
The Baby

The Baby

Director Mohammadreza Hajipour

Production year 2011

Length 12min.

Country Portugal


A film crew is making a movie to show how parents’ arguing affects children. They need the baby to cry in a scene, but the baby doesn’t! The whole crew, especially the producer, is tired of repeating the same scene.


Mohammadreza Hajipour
Mohammadreza Hajipour



Mohammadreza Hajipour


Mohammadreza Hajipour

Director of Photography

Raoul da Cruz, Hugo Folgado

Music by

Ze Pedro Alfaiate


Luis Pedro Bento


Mohammadreza Hajipour


Francisco Bras, Joao Craveiro, Paulo Duarte Ribeiro, Joana Brandao, Mia Alves

Mohammadreza Hajipour

Born 1977, Fouman, Iran. He graduated from the Hause of Language and Literature. Later studied cinema at the Iranian Young Cinema Society. He started his work in media as a Radio and TV producer. Later he got interested in movies and participated in some short and feature films. His first short film The First Day of Work was screened at Australian and Portuguese short film festivals. He was awarded as the best Radio producer in 2007, in Iran. His radio announcement was awarded as the best.


The First Day of Work (2007), Begging (2010), The Test Result (2011), The Baby (2011)

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